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My Journey 2/22/10

Wow, where to begin….the PET scan! I finally gotthat bastard done last Monday (feb 15th) and there was a moment that I didn’t think that it was going to happen. The week before, the scanning machine was broken and I had to reschedule the following week. It turns out that there was a software issue […]

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1 My journey 2/9/10

So, I had to reschedule again to Monday the 15th. The scanner is still down and at this point I am completely over it. I guess im going to take this as good news since I have to wait a little longer. I think its a sign that everything is going good!

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1 My jouney with Hodgkin’s Lymphomia

I’m halfway through my treatments and I go into Colorado Imagery for a PET Scan tomorrow. They inject a radioactive sugar solution into me that attaches to the cancer cells. I go through this MRI looking machine and scan scan my body. It reads the radiation comming from the mutated cells. I did one of […]

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