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Psychological Stress

Psychological Stress: De-stressing as a Cancer Survivor Cancer is a life-altering experience that can bring significant physical and psychological challenges to those who face it. The diagnosis, treatment, and aftermath of cancer can leave individuals feeling anxious, depressed, and stressed. The psychological burden of cancer, also known as psychological distress, can be detrimental to the […]

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Embracing a New Normal

Embracing a New Normal: A Guide for Male Cancer Survivors Cancer is a life-altering experience that brings with it a range of emotions, physical challenges, and lifestyle changes. For male cancer survivors, the journey toward recovery and a new normal can be particularly challenging. In this article, we will discuss some of the ways in […]

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Cancer Survivor’s Mental Health

As a cancer survivor, it’s important to take the time to focus on your mental health. The journey through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery can be a physically and emotionally draining experience. It’s natural to have moments of anxiety, depression, and stress, but it’s important to address these feelings and work on maintaining good mental health. […]

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