The word Assumption is a Noun

Assumptions have probably gotten me into more trouble. Assumption is a nasty little thought pattern that by definition is “the act of taking for granted or assuming.”

When I start assuming things is when I start down the road of negative self talk and creating problems in communication.

Its took some time to pinpoint this bad habit of mine.

So why do we assume?

I believe it’s an easy way for our egos to conclude a desired outcome before all the facts have been processed.

For myself, During my snowboard career I felt like I was always under the microscope and and that my actions were being scrutinized with in the media.

There was one situation that I did make a bad choice and the fall out was all my sponsors questioning me and my ethics.

I assumed it was not a big deal.

It led to a very well known photographer and industry influence visiting me in Breckenridge to check if I was still a good candidate for the company I was representing.

Unfortunately, this led to some negative and damaging rumors and talk behind my back.  From that point on, I was very cautious on what I said and what I did around my circle of influences and media.

I truly feel this event led to me assuming what people were saying about me and if what I was doing was acceptable when probably 95% of the time, no one cared.

Because of this, I started playing it safe with all decisions and choices I made.

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Surviving Lymphoma

This was a defining point in my life.  A lot of reflection, learning and understanding.  Not only about the people around me, but myself also.

The reason I take things for granted is I cant question everything in the world. But being logical minded, I assume the need to justify my point of view.  I didn’t realize this until recently.

I questioned myself. Why I was diagnosed with Cancer?  Why me?

Analyzing everything I did up to that moment.

It was only until I let go of the why was I able to let go of the reason.  It was something that I just couldn’t continue to question.

Once I did that, I was able to move past and accept the experience.  A huge learning experience. I am getting better at identifying indifferences and assumptions, it to is a work in progress.  I guess I am  pretty complicated after all.

What can you do?

This is a tough one. It takes a lot of patience, discipline and diligence. How do you become aware and learn to recognize assumptions when they rear their ugly head?

1.Pay attention to what you and others say.

Usually it starts with guessing and speculating on a topic or item or taking actions when the consequences haven’t been weighed. Or in a heated discussion where there are not a lot of facts in the conversation.

Really any time there is an expected outcome and the decisions that are made (albeit with good intentions) but the outcome doesn’t happen as planed. You never know what the other party might be experiencing at that moment.

2. Don’t jump to conclusions

This is so easy to do especially when your tired, annoyed or feeling anxiety. Sometimes it’s best to “sleep on it” to take the pressure off making a hasty decision. Weighing the risk/reward scenarios is always tough in the the heat f the moment. Let your moral compass help drive your decisions.

Really there are thousands of ways to to assume. Be mindful of what is said and actions taken because you never know what peoples reactions are going to be or the outcome that might come with it.

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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