Finding Purpose: ESPN Story

Snowboarder holding board at a 45 degree angle
Holding my board at Slash and Burn event in Steamboat

I wanted to get a quick post out about an interview I did for ESPN…

While I was going through treatment, I ended up doing an interview with a friend Devon O’neal for ESPN online. This story is about my professional snowboarding career and finding purpose as a cancer patient. I remember vividly when the story came out.

I was on the second floor in the Blood Transplant Unit of Presbian/St. Lukes Hospital in Denver the day after my Autologous Stem Cell Transplant. I was laying in bed, hooked up to IVs and monitoring equipment.

This interview was really cool to see online in such a high-visibility setting. More than anything, being able to bring some awareness to cancer and in my case Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This experience has been a whirlwind and I feel it’s important to share my story and about finding purpose. To make sure that others that go through this experience know it’s not a death sentence.

I remember reading this story on my iPad and having overwhelming feelings of gratitude. Tears rolling down my face, this was a big milestone for me. Not because the story was published on ESPN, but it validated my feelings about cancer and the need to help others that have lived through that experience.

Published on September 28th, 2010.

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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