Movement of Choice

By Todd Franzen

November 3, 2021

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Photo of people doing yoga on the beach with the title Movement Of Choice.

We make choices every day. Some good and some bad. But the ones we choose to keep doing are where it’s important to pay attention to. We may not think our daily activities add up in the long run, but they add up for sure when you look at them on a yearly basis! Movement is no exception.

I live in Breckenridge, Colorado. Where activities are bountiful. Snowboarding and skiing, mountain biking, fishing, and hiking are now what Breckenridge is now known for.

In the mid to late 1800s, Breckenridge was a mining town with a hearty reputation. It was not an easy place to live. The gold rush helped pioneer a lifestyle we see today.

Because of this new era called the “Active Lifestyle”, these choices have garnered a more health-conscious way of life.

I have noticed that walking, hiking, or running by people exercising together is a natural occurrence. People are getting outside more often to enjoy the fresh air and take advantage of all that Breckenridge has to offer.

People are realizing how important movement is for their quality of life. And they are incorporating it into their lifestyle…   But, why do we make the choices we make? Is it because of convenience? Or is it because something else compels us to make a certain decision?

This is why we chose not to move today!

Has a doctor told you that you should be walking or exercising more?  Has a doctor told you to cut back on your workload and find something that interests you outside of the office?   If so, then these are some things that you can start with.

Exercise is a GREAT anti-depressant and has been helping people all over the world for decades!  And it doesn’t have to be anything drastic or new to your schedule. Dedicating some additional time in your day, to get outside and move around.  

On average Breckenridge’s population is about 5,500 people. But on any given summer day. That number can swell to over 30,000! So where’s everyone going?

They are all over: Hiking, mountain biking, and skiing! (Yes they still do that here)   And you see them gathering in small groups doing their thing; smiling faces of passionate people.

I find myself running into people frequently that I have never met before!  It’s because everyone is doing something different but they are all outside enjoying the activities that Breckenridge has to offer.

As we get older…

There are a lot of reasons why we slow our movement down as we age. It could be medically motivated or work-related. Stress or even depression. Countless ways there are.

I’m finding that as I get older and the more I move, I feel more impervious to little things. The creeks and cracks that my body makes.

Mentally, changing these habits can feel overwhelming. And naturally, we feel like retreating back to the comfort of our own personal status quo. Maybe it’s the fact that everything in the world is changing all the time and subconsciously we want it to slow down.

Maybe it’s the fear of death.

All I know is every time I motivate to do an activity that promotes movement, I simply feel better. Physically and mentally.

And that’s a really good start!

What is movement?

It’s the general term for anybody that has been moved from its original position or location. Movement can be both voluntary and involuntary.

As far as being conscious of it, we have a large amount of motor control in our brain to control movement.

The two major motor skills are gross movements, which consist of larger muscle groups, and fine movements, which consist of smaller muscles.

Gross movement can be further broken down into speed control, power development, endurance enhancement, and coordination. When you think about it… this is pretty much every physical activity that we do! ¬†Whether its casual walking to the store or hitting the local hiking and biking trails.

The importance of motor skills is that they develop as we age. And without good movement habits, it can be harder to continue working on your skills as you get older and/or more sedentary.

If you are here reading this blog. Then you are probably somebody that wants to be more active; it may even be something new for you!

Whenever someone starts an activity like yoga, biking, or jogging… there are always the same comments on how they feel after.

Energetic and refreshed!

And if people keep doing this regularly (3+ times a week), it makes them want to continue this movement! So for those that are new to fitness. You can feel like you got your money’s worth already!

Most people that become experts at physical activities (like professional snowboarders) will attribute their success to dedication and consistency.

And they’ll avoid making excuses about why they can’t do it.

Your ability to make decisions about what you are going to do in your free time is critical for you to maintain a consistent fitness regimen.

I try to make time every day to initiate and enjoy some form of movement. weather that’s walking the dogs, or cycling or walking into town to get a coffee.

After getting through my second bout of Lymphoma, I’m really trying hard to not make excuses. And my motivation is to do what I can with the control I have to not get another recurrence or secondary cancer. But those are my motivations!

But I understand!

I recognize why this is hard and this concept is challenging for people to grasp. I wanted to chisel this idea in your head when you leave.

The things that can really change our lives for the better are the ones that we take into our own hands. Whether it’s getting healthy or starting an online business, It all starts with making a choice and sticking to it! It’s the only thing we can control.

So, please…

Choose Movement!

Thanks for reading!  Please comment below with your thoughts and ideas, I’d love to hear them. And if you would like to trade links or work together please let me know as well!

Todd Franzen

About the author

Todd Franzen is a 2X Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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