My Journey 11/14/10

This has been a good and sobering week. The tenth was one year since I was diagnosed. Since that point I figured I would put the tally together of the treatment and procedures that I’ve undergone.

12 rounds of ABVD chemotherapy (three hours each)
1 Bronchoscopy
1 Mediastinoscopy
2 rounds of ICE chemotherapy (three days each)
4 PET scans
Apheresis (stem-cell harvest)
1 round of BEAM chemotherapy (six days)
1 Autologous Stem-cell Transplant
Shit load of blood tests (CBC)

The last CBC on the 4th showed that my counts were all back with in normal range. The doctors are very happy with the results thus far, but I’ll feel better when the results come back from my next PET scan on December fourteenth. I went throughout a lot of treatments in the last year. I guess it’s only a little natural that I’m a bit nervous. Don’t get me wrong, confidence is high that I got this beat. But there is a little lingering in the back of my head what if… I’m coming to the conclusion that I am a survivor learning to live in remission. I’m fortunate that my body was strong going into this battle. November eleventh was day +45 since transplant. It also represents a lift of my diet restrictions. I think sushi is in order!

November ninth marked the third anniversary on my first date with Erika. We celebrated by going to Burke and Reliys. Cheesy hua, well it was where our first date was at.

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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cmallard1313 - November 15, 2010 Reply

Keep up the good attitude Todd! Glad to hear you're kickin butt!

-Chris Drake

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