My Journey 7/8/10

   I received the results from the Mediastinoscopy on Tuesday (July 6th).  And the results that came back are conclusive!  My Hodgkin’s is reoccurring.  A definite blow!  So yesterday I had an appointment with a bone marrow and stem cell transplant specialist at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers in Denver.  Dr. Brunvand studied in Seattle and coincidently we both graduated from Summit High School in Frisco.  A very smart man and knows his job very well.  Small world… and I feel really good about that!   

So now the fun begins…

   Tuesday I go to the hospital to start preparing my body for a Stem Cell Transplant.  I begin with two rounds of intense chemo therapy.  Each round, i’ll be at the hospital for about three days.  The goal of this is to get the lymphoma into remission.  That should take about three weeks starting Tuesday.  Once in remission, I’ll go through a battery of tests and re-evaluated.  Its called restaging.  I will also be going through a Pre-transplant Evaluation which is another battery of tests and biopsies.  Insane hua!  Im still wrapping my head around this…  I will have a CVC placed and the rest of the procedures will be done through that.  I will  have to wear it for 6 months.  The transplant should happen about two months from now. Got that!  Its honestly giving me a headache.

Click on Autologous Transplant if you want to enlighten yourself about my procedure.

   So its safe to say im scared!  And I’m a little shocked that its gotten this far…  Which is all the more reason to get going on this.  There is a part of me that finds this entire experience interesting as well.  Especially since im living it.  Medically speaking of course.  Even though finances are tight and economically its rough, everything feels sound and seems some what in control.  And im in touch with a woman that does financial assistance with the American Cancer Society.  Sweet!  Amongst this onslaught of information, even thinking of ones own mortality, there is so much love and hope that I know I will be 100% at the end of this.  I feel good and I feel strong!  Im ready to kick its ass!

Oh yea, I’ve been listening to a shit load of Clapton!    


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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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Jan - July 9, 2010 Reply

Todd you are amazing and an inspiration to me. If anyone can "kick its ass" you are the man!!! I love you so much. Big hugs. Jan

Brodie - July 9, 2010 Reply

I second that Todd! You are amazing and strong and you are going to kick its ass! Thinking of you and sending good energy!


Leif - July 9, 2010 Reply

Keep fighting and stay strong bro, my thoughts and prayers are with you my man.


Huddy's Journal of Life - July 13, 2010 Reply

Hey Todd, long time no see! So glad that you have a blog, and I can read about what's going on and get updates on your status-I had no idea about this until today. Very serious indeed. But it sounds like you are in good hands, have loved ones close by, and have an exceptional attitude. You are a champion for sure. Lots of love from Portland and let me know if you need anything. xxoo Hudson

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