Recovery Road

Its been a little over a month since my entry.  What can I say other than I feel great!  The counts from my last draw keep showing improvement.  Since diagnosis, I have lost 30 pounds, have about twenty days riding and work has been steady enough to take care of business!  The doctors are very pleased with my recovery and family life is pretty badass!  Throw in my birthday the beginning of March and I cant begin to explain how fortunate I feel right now!  But im humbled by the memory of not knowing what was wrong with me two novembers ago.  I have a PET scan set up the end of April.  Which will be 7 months since transplant.  Time sure does fly.  Day + 179.  It feels good to be alive!      

We got working on a duplex out by the Breckenridge Golf Course.  One of six.  We started the Excavation in January.  And last week, started framing the third floor.  If weather cooperates, two weeks from now the roof will be on.  Got some garage slabs to poor too.  Ground heaters are in there doing there thing and if the plumbers can get in there on Monday or Tuesday, I should have it prepped and ready to poor a week from tomorrow.  But most importantly, its out by the golf course!

Quick story,  Breckenridge has been having one of the top three years that I can remember.  95 was one too and 84 when I was eight.  I remember that one being waist deep for spring break.  But dont think I was six foot at the time either…  And 95 was the year that Jay Nelson, Shawn Ebbinghaus and I jumped the west wall cornice at A-Basin as far as we could go.  Two feet the day before and three feet over night.  My second Jump was over a skier traversing under the cornice.  Idiot!  Did quite a bit of hiking behind the house and Blue River this year.  A bit on the resort too.  Quality has been high!  I am pissed that they put a gate right on top of peak ten directly getting off of the Falcon.  Now everyone and there mother goes into Ballroom’s!  Fortunately most go to the top!  Patrol should have asked us where to put it.  There is a perfect spot on the south side.  Over by Cimmeron starting shack.  Could have helped control the rift raff!  Oh well…

Have a good week Friends!

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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Mike - March 21, 2011 Reply

So great to hear Todd and you are an inspiration for everyone around you. I read your posts periodically, not all but enough to follow. I use your determination, motivation, and strength to bring my life into perspective and I thank you for that. Seems as if you had a lot of great people behind you, encouraging you every step of the way, a blessing.

Hope to cross paths with you again in our lives and boy am I jealous of your story about hiking Ten! I miss The windows more than you can imagine and think about my potential future in the high country carving pow again, only as long as I can keep my summers for the two wheels 😉

Stay strong brother and always remember, persistence beats resistance. 🙂

Mike Mazzone

Rich/Suzi - March 21, 2011 Reply

Read your post on Chris' FB. We're so happy to hear you're doing so well and that life in Breckenridge has just gotten better for you. As much as we love the weather and the beach down here in Florida we sure do miss the mountains and the amazing people from Colorado!!! Give our love to your folks and know that we think of you often and just keep sending you strong positive energy. We know you have the awesome Summit County surrounding you with love and we're still part of that family. Be well-Rich and Suzi Forrest

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