The Myth of Life Balance

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The Myth of Life Balance

I talk about how to achieve balance in your life after cancer in a number of my youtube videos. I don’t want The Myth of Life Balance to become a misconception that there’s a perfect balance of life that can happen after cancer. 

There are so many elements and pieces of our lives that trying to find this perfect balance is nearly impossible. That’s why I call this post The Myth of Life Balance.

The definition of Balance from my iPhone dictionary simply says “it’s a state of mental steadiness or emotional stability, the habit of calm, behavior, judgment, etc.” 

As we rebuild ourselves after treatment and all the testing and procedures, we may not be able to deal with the mental hardships while going back to the reality of real-life again. We are thrown back into this world of absolute mayhem that we were once part of before. This is a tough transition.

Back to Reality

As we are thrown back into reality, we start to realize that there are all these different angles and different elements to our lives that really create who we are.

We have become so much more aware. Starting to take on all these responsibilities and rekindle relationships and friendships. along with all the things that create what our life is all about. This is part of the deep self-discovery we go through while facing our own mortality. 

It’s very important to understand what The Myth of Life Balance isn’t. It isn’t about having all of our elements be perfect. And that everything will never be Time Perfect. You’ll never be able to accomplish everything, and all your needs and wants won’t ever be taken care of. There’s no such thing as perfect balance, only some Balance. And most of the time, it’s weighted heavily to one side. That’s why I call balance a myth. 

Is it Attainable?

A lot of people talk about balance in their lives as this attainable goal. I truly don’t believe it is. However, I do believe that using the term balance or the terminology balance can help start to work through a lot of these issues that you are going through. A lot of these unpredictable life experiences brings you into an element of self-awareness that can help you identify whatever struggle that’s going on in your life at that moment. 

Because it can be helpful

That’s why I really want to stress how balance is going to be most helpful. It’s easy to take this word and its definition way too seriously and overlook all the important things that go on in your life. Having a little bit of chaos is a good thing, it helps keep you on your toes. It helps keep things a little bit unpredictable in your life. 

Most importantly, I believe in learning as a cancer survivor. Because first and foremost you were diagnosed with cancer. It was an unpredictable event that happened. By keeping that unpredictability moving and happening in your life, this will help you prepare for other situations that will come down the road as you get older. 

There’s no denying that life is hard! 

That’s just how life is. I mean, we were able to make it through cancer and we are now survivors. That in itself is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to us. 

We can look at it two ways, we can look at it as an absolutely glorious type of event that helped open our eyes into who we are and what we’re about.

Or we can take the darker road and go down the rabbit hole of depression and denial. A world that has retreated, not wanting to do better for ourselves or help others learn. 

This is why it’s important to really understand why and how balance is going to help move you forward in the future. 

Balance is different for everyone!

I believe balance means a lot of different things. It’s like going with the flow, continuing to do the things you’ve been working on or want to do. All the while, accepting the unexpected. Those elements of your life that you really feel are most important and working to build the relationships that you feel are most important. But, possibly some of the relationships in your life have fizzled out.  

And you know what, that’s okay too.

It’s all part of understanding how life works. Being able to take that calm demeanor into your decision-making starts to show a bit of wisdom into your experience. And that’s where balance can be used appropriately.

We’re all gonna have a different opinion, a different definition. Understanding how to compartmentalize and divide your time between responsibility and passion is where you start using self-awareness.

This is why it’s important to take to heart the feelings that you’re experiencing at the moment so you can express them in the right way.

Balance is not a one size fits all idea…

The word balance is one that I will continue to use, cautiously. Because it’s a good way to help share the overall objective of what your experiencing. Balance to me means taking everything I know up to this point and making sure that good decisions are made. 

Using my time wisely and identifying those challenges that continue to approach me in life. Using that wisdom to make a decision that’s going to help me and my family into the future. 

Embrace your Balance!

That’s what I want for you also. I want to make sure that I express my idea, my thought of what balance is, and hope you apply it to yourself. You’re gonna continue to have crazy, weird things happen in your life.

You will have things happen that will make you feel really depressed, you’re gonna have relationships that are going to break. You will have work and job changes. Friends and acquaintances that will pass away. There will be more disappointment!

There are hundreds if not thousands of things that make up our lives, make up our souls and egos. By understanding our self-worth, we can apply balance. This will help us work through the craziness of life. That’s what I want to give you. I hope you’re able to take this and mold it to yourself. 

Because this is an element that is constantly changing and morphing into something that will continue for the rest of your life.

Come up with your own definition of what balance means! So, even though there are multiple definitions of the term balance, finding that definition for how you can apply it to yourself in this chaotic world that we live can make all the difference!

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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