What happens when you Fail?

So what happens when you fail?

The emotions that you go through are really broad and can run a huge gamut. From your feeling of disappointment and discontent to anger and frustration. The mindset that you are experiencing at the time of the failure is really a way to either drive you into a direction of self-loathing, or into an Growth Mindset. It’s how you take that information and grow from it. To learn and understand what it was you may have done wrong will help you cope with the failure. This is kind a pretty big topic right now within the self-help genres because it all comes down to mindset.

There are two main mindsets…

that really dictate which way your thinking is going to go. The Growth Mindset, which is how people that are really feeling positive and good and have good self confidence. They are able to take a failure and turn it into a positive experience and learn from it. Then those people with in the growth mindset, are able to take the experience into the next challenge that they face. And then there’s the Fixed Mindset, where self confidence may not be as present or feeling a hundred percent and their ego might be telling them many different things. They could be saying they’re not good enough. At the end of the day, they need to figure out which mindset they’re in or which one they want to be in. Ultimately, these people want to take the failures that we all go through, and turn them into a positive experience. Getting over that hump is really tough to do.

Over time, you will start to create a habit of turning that fixed mindset into a growth mindset. For a goal of mine, I’m really working on making better decisions and understanding the feeling i experience when I do fail, this has helped me feel less angry, frustrated and feelings of discontent that goes along with failure.

Please take your time. Become aware of where you’re at and why you are feeling a certain way. That will ultimately lead into how you’re able to treat the next challenge and what you can learn from it. Take that experience to the next challenge you’re going through.

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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