How to Deal With Survivors Time Travel

What is Survivors Time Travel?

As a new cancer survivor, have you ever felt like you just skipped a period of time? Whether it’s a day, week, month or parts of the year.

Well you’re not alone. This all has to do with the treatment and stress your body went through because of cancer. All the chemotherapy and drugs do take a toll on how your brain functions and inturn, you have these memory lapses of what goes on in current time or what I like to call The Now.

You don’t want to confuse this with chemo brain, Even though it is part of the problem. I like to say that you time travel after cancer and after your treatments. its more the long term effects of treatment on your brain.

I thought of this video after a discussion with my neighbor who is A breast cancer survivor of two years. She came to me asking about if I had these moments in time where I just completely skipped. I can completely relate to her.

I share the story quickly in the video and talk about some ways of battling it whether you like to read, do puzzles, travel or what whatever, The point is is doing something to get your brain synapses re-firing.



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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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