Life Balance

Life Balance

As I have been working through the mental and physical opticals that I have encountered along my journey, an aspect that I have really worked on is finding the Life Balance that I want.


MODERATION. For example, Alcohol is one of those things that in excess have contributed to bad decisions. It’s easy to over indulge and “send it” when your in an environment that promotes that behavior. Alcohol never ruined any of my relationships that I can remember, but it did lead to some pretty bad decisions. Knowing what I know now, I can enjoy a “drink” and feel like I’m getting the benefit from it and still enjoy good conversation in a social environment. Bonus!


Next would be my feelings about STRESS. Now you’re probably thinking I’ve gone off the deep end. As with anything that can be experienced in excess, Stress is one that has huge ramifications to your health and psychological ability to function correctly as a human. I have realized that i’m never going to be stress free. But, I have learned over time what triggers stress in my life. I have also realized that the stress in my life has helped me stay sharp mentally and prepared me to to deal with bigger as they arise.

There are so many things that cause Stress in life that we inherently prioritize the worst first. I think we all can agree that MONEY is the leading factor of stress. If you live paycheck to paycheck, money creates stress in ways that makes you feel alone and depressed. Or if you have a lot of money, the stress that comes along with having too many things and the liability that comes with all of it. It doesn’t matter how little or how much money you have, it will create stress one way or another.

Finances are tough for most survivors. Depending on what your health insurance situation was like, cancer will normally wreak havoc on the rest of your savings and retirement. Im a perfect example. I did everything I could to keep paying my premiums and copays. there was a tipping point where I racked up over 15K in DEBT and wasn’t earning enough to pay all my bills. That stress was unbearable. I made a choice to quit paying credit cards and canceled my insurance policy. The Stem Cell Transplant I went through did qualify me for Social Security so not all was lost. Biggest thing was I did not want to depend on that. I try to be as self reliant as possible and the good news is I haven’t been on Social Security in over three years. That was a huge relief!

Creating Life Balance…

comes in many ways, Like when I’m driving. I have learned what triggers my anger and frustration while on the road. Taking the situations that raise my blood pressure and realizing that trigger. Now I adjust my approach to the people around me while I drive. The result is lowered blood pressure and STRESS! The biggest lesson is knowing where we spend all of our TIME. Aside from sleeping, the biggest chunk of my time is at my JOB. The Stress caused from there hits on many fronts. All of the causes are from things that are not in my control. Knowing this has taught me to set boundaries and make sure my expectations are not set to high.

One of the best ways to De-Stress

I have found to help adjust this mindset is start doing something that will benefit you physically. I’ve been down the road with doctors and medications, but honestly, the best way that I have found when feeling stressed is to go for a walk. Nothing long, 10-15 minutes. That is usually enough time to clear my mind and help organize my thoughts. I’ll usually park as far away from my destination as I can so it forces me to walk and decompress. That little walk doesn’t cost anything and takes less time out of my day than having to go to a doctor, get a prescription and feel chemically relaxed. Ive had enough chemicals running through my veins at this point.

As I was building the Internal Architect Concept, I was dealing with fear, negativity, anxiousness and even self doubt about who I was and what I wanted to do in my life after cancer. There were a lot of negative mindsets that caused a lot of Stress before I was diagnosed and I admittedly drank a lot to dull the pain. It was a vicious circle that I felt trapped in. It wasn’t until I was faced with my mortality that I became open to dealing with the cause of my DIS-Stress and work through the seeds I planted many years before.

Since I’ve been in remission

it’s been a huge goal to find that critical balance in my life and continue to work on parts that I can control. My hope for you is to identify the main parts of your life. Things like work, family, health, entertainment, social activity and adventure. Your aspects are probably different, and by understanding them and figuring out how to moderate each one to bring balance into a chaotic life. Especially after cancer!

Being a new survivor has a lot of challenges that are scary and can be difficult to work through. And that’s why I’m here to let you know that you’re not alone.

I hope this has helped you gain some insight and clarity on what to start working towards Life Balance with this great new gift of life!



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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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