Scan Results are In!

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PET Scan Results

I had a teleconference yesterday at one o’clock to go over my PET scan results from the first bit of treatment that I did for my Hodgkins. Unfortunately, it was not what we were hoping for. The PET scan came back showing that they’re still growing and that they’re still a bit of work to do battling this bastard Disease. 

I was going to post a video yesterday about my thoughts after the teleconference. Scan results add so much anxiety! I decided to sleep on it and determined that it was not quite appropriate mostly because I went into some tangents that I didn’t feel were necessary. Not wanting to go into a place that I felt was appropriate for what I’m trying to accomplish here with Internal Architect. 

The Results are Frustrating

Unfortunately, most of the connection that we had was not very good, but we were able to discuss that the Lymphoma is back and that we’re gonna be moving forward with other treatments. There’s a number of things that we are able to do and there are multiple avenues that we’re gonna look at. 

But the most important thing that we got to do is get my lymphoma under control and back into remission. Then we can move forward with potentially another stem-cell transplant. 

Ten years ago 

I did an Autologist stem cell transplant. That was using my own stem cells to regrow my immune system. The entire process is pretty intense. There is an entire battery of physical and mental tests to see where my health is at. Multiple biopsies to make sure its the same disease. 

That’s what we’re looking at and that’s why I really wanted to sleep on this because I don’t know what this process fully entails. Even though I’ve been through this experience once before, I needed to slow myself and my mind down. 

So what’s going to happen next?

Well, I’m guessing I’m going to probably start the process this coming week. Beginning with a biopsy.

I’m gonna mess this up a little bit. There was talk about checkpoint inhibitors and some FDA trials. I believe that’s the treatment we’re going to start with. That’ll be going on for probably the next two-three months. I’ll scan in three months and see how I’m responding. If I’m back in remission we’ll probably prep for an allogenic transplant. Essentially that is a donor stem-cell transplant.

Fortunately, when I was rediagnosed this last year, I ended up going through all the work that needed to be done in order to prepare for the transplant potentiality! We tested my brother to see if he’s a match and fortunately he is. 10-10. So that was a huge relief knowing that I have a family match that can help me move forward with my Lymphoma.

This is a great feeling knowing that and right now I’m just going to focus on the next three months and that is really just dealing with what the next treatment is.

From what I understand, this checkpoint inhibitor is going to be a lot less toxic compared to chemotherapy or radiation. But I won’t know until I’ve started and had my first cycle. 

If you guys do know, please comment below because I’m curious to know a little bit more about it.

Obviously I’m going to do some research online

I’m about to start this next bit of treatment and honestly, I’m pretty scared right now. I do know there’s gonna be a lot going on and it’s going to be a busy life over the next 3-6 months.

After getting all this news yesterday, I kind of resorted to some humor. I was just at a point where I felt like “well, you know what, screw it! Let’s do this while going through a pandemic.

Just load it on my shoulders because why not! 

I see it in two ways. 

One, I’m obviously being tested for some reason and for some bigger purpose. When I come out on the other side, it’ll be something absolutely beautiful that’s going to come from this experience. 

And two, let’s just pile it on! I know I can carry the weight! That’s my position, my thinking at this moment. It’s been a fun way I guess to keep my head in a decent spot and my mindset focused on growth. 

I’m okay, I’m scared! I can definitely say that my anxiety and just knowing what is going on now is a huge relief into this whole experience at this point. I’m just kind of taking this day by day obviously and that we got some direction of where I’m going. 

That’s the big reason why I’m feeling a bit relieved at the moment. Even though the journey is not over and that there’s still a lot of work to be done into beating lymphoma yet again!

It’s going to be okay! 

Even though my PET Scan results came back unfavorable, It’s nice knowing that I don’t have to do it for a while.

I like I said, I’ve I have done this before, this isn’t unfamiliar territory for me, but at the same time, it is SCARY!

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