What is Toxic Load?

By Todd Franzen

May 4, 2020

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What is Toxic Load?

Toxic Load is everything that we consume and are exposed to that determines the health of our body’s immune response. 

It’s really important to understand what this means and to be able to take it a step further. To help those of you that are dealing with cancer, get a grasp of the big picture of everything that goes on. 

There’s a lot of research that has proven that everything that we consume in our bodies contributes to our toxic load. A great example is if we consume, say, fast foods, and dietary options that are void of any nutritional value, our bodies are going to take whatever nutrients that food has, along with all the chemicals, and process it as best as it can. 

It’s all Accumulative 

Usually, that causes the big issues of obesity in our world and especially in our own country. It’s growing throughout the rest of the world due to popularity and convenience. 

But you have to take the basic meaning of what toxic load stands for and view it as a macro picture of what it is and how it can affect your body over time.

This is something that I’ve taken interest in and working on since I was originally diagnosed in 2009. It opened my eyes to the big world of exposure and why there’s such an epidemic at magnitude with cancer and health-related issues amongst not only US citizens but growing throughout the world. You can look up all the Statistics and everything that you want. But cancer is the number two cause of death in the world behind cardiovascular diseases! 

With that said, you have to take a look at the reasons why. It’s not just your diet, but also your environment. The air that you breathe, The water you drink, the work that you do. The stress that life creates. That’s exactly what Toxic Load is. 

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It’s “All Of The Above”

Let’s say you live in a city and you have a desk job where you don’t get a lot of exercises. You don’t get a lot of movement. You get a 30-minute lunch and you go down to the closest (if you don’t bring lunch) little restaurant or cafe and grab a quick bite to eat. Then you get back into your world of whatever the work is that you do. There are their stresses that come along with not being able to move as much as you would like. This work on it creates a world of stagnation. When you get locked into this rut it’s really hard to get out. 

Let’s take my job for example. I work with a good group of guys but there is a lot of stress and there is a lot of pressure to stay on top of our game. I work in the wastewater industry and we deal with a lot of pretty nasty stuff. Now, with that said, the work isn’t as bad as it sounds. there are definitely moments where it’s pretty disgusting. But we take precautions in dealing with that. Since it’s a customer service-based business, we deal with some pretty upset customers because of the situation that they’re in. 

Fortunately, I do a lot of work outside in the mountains. It’s very clean and so we’re able to have a relatively clean outdoor environment while we’re dealing with some nasty stuff. 

For the most part, our work environment is clean. The air we breathe and the water that we drink and for the most part, the food that we eat. It’s taking the time to be aware and make those conscious decisions of everything that goes on in your life. 

The Macro Picture

I like to use this term because it simplifies the overall vision of what toxic load means from every angle. You need to take your entire life and everything that you experience and everything that you’ve been exposed to.

“You have to ask yourself, does my lifestyle promote or discourage Toxic Load build up?” 

Todd Franzen

All the decisions that you make all lead to your toxic load. Let’s say you are a farmer and you are using certain pesticides and herbicides to get a better yield for your crops, that exposure will contribute to your toxic load. Or say you work in an office building that uses asbestos as their fireproofing that will contribute to your toxic load. 

If you are constantly eating fast food and drinking soda and a lot of sugary drinks, this too is contributing to your toxic load. Sugar is a massive one because it’s one of the leading causes of obesity. If you are eating lots of greens and organic produce and lean meats, that too is contributing to your toxic load, but not as much if you’re in an area that has very clean air and very clean water you’re doing a better reduction in your toxic load. 

I believe it all depends on where you live, where you lay your head at night and everything in between. Are you getting enough oxygen when you sleep? And you’ve seen in my previous video I’m now sleeping with an oxygen concentrator because I live just about at 10,000 feet. Living at this elevation has put more pressure on my heart working correctly. It’s been 44 years growing up with a lack of oxygen in this environment. 

I can tell you that being consciously aware of the decisions you make for all the consumables that we take in Has been a more eye opening and learning experience then anything else I have learned about through the cancer experience. 

That is what Toxic Load is all About! 

As long as you’re aware of your decisions when you grab a can of coca-cola or a sugary snack. Then you are consciously aware of the amount of sugar that you’re consuming and its effects over time. 

So, keep that in mind and think about the effects of your own toxic load. I truly believe that is incredibly important how you can take action in treating your cancer. 

In my case, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Since it’s an immune issue for me, it’s especially important that I keep my immune as strong as I can. I’m doing that with as much conscious decision making as I know-how. Conditioning my body as best as I can. Make it as strong as possible while dealing with this lymphoma that continues to come back.

Todd Franzen

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Todd Franzen is a 2X Hodgkins Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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