Fortunat times

They say that life is full of peaks and valleys, highs and lows.  After this last month, I am a complete believer in that!

July 25th, my dad and I went up to Charlotte Queen Adventures to do a little salmon fishing around the Queen Charlotte Island in BC and enjoy a little time away from phones and work.  Bruce Plankington who owned the boat took us up there as an All the talk was the fishing was the best since they started the boat.

In the first two hours on the boat!
It was good hanging out with dad and extra bonus on limiting out on the Chinook.  The rest of the boat was a group of gentleman that works in the oil and natural gas business.  They flew a Gulfstream 200 to sandspit where we all met up and took a chopper to the boat.  Awesome!
When we got back, Dad was having trouble breathing and on Tuesday we took him to the hospital.  He was dealing with the side effects of pneumonia.  He really started having issues on the boat, but when we got home, it had gotten worse.  So they shipped him down to St Anthony’s in Golden.  He ended up being ventilated for five days.  Due to his condition, he was not able to make it to my wedding.
Saturday the Sixth. Wedding Day!
We couldn’t have asked for a better day to get married.  The goal was to make it a happy hour arrangement and had ordurves and a cash bar.  The ceremony was out on the patio of the clubhouse at the Breckenridge Golf Course.  It was funny because people that went to the course to have lunch turned out to be in the middle of a wedding.  My bride was gorgeous and I couldn’t take my eyes off her!  I just want to say sorry to the friends that we couldn’t invite.  It would have been easier to elope!  hahaha
Sunday the 7th.
From a high to another low, My grandmother passed away Sunday morning, fortunately, Grandpa was at her side when she passed.  at 83, she lived a very full life and gave her family memories that
We ended up leaving for the honeymoon on Tuesday.  we decided that it would be best to take the girls and go to Orlando and hit the amusement parks. Universal Studios and Universal Adventure Island was the deal and both did not disappoint.

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Todd Franzen is a Stage 4 Lymphoma Survivor. Living in Breckenridge Colorado

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